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CFFC: Stairs, Steps & Ladders

This tiered ladder takes you to The Amphitheatre in Queensland’s Carnarvon Gorge.

It was nearly at the end of our 10 hour hike and we almost didn’t climb it.


But we’re glad we did, even though our feet didn’t thank us.




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Winter Walking

Home alone for the weekend as the other half has gone to Brisbane to visit our Grandson.Usually when I have a whole 2 days all to myself I like to get on the computer, watch recorded episodes of Escape to the Country, read a book (or listen to an audio one) and have a glass of wine – sometimes all at the same time.

This morning I somehow got motivated to go for a walk on my own. Usually, I’m far too easily distracted.

And what a beautiful day it is for it. I do love our beautiful, blue winter skies.

The kangaroo and joey seem always to be around these days, even at times when most self-respecting roos are sleeping under a tree somewhere. The joey looks bigger every time I see it. And they’re getting very quiet. They hardly moved at all when I stopped and dug out my phone to take the picture. There are plenty of other roos in the paddock, but you don’t usually see them in the middle of the morning. So, home now, lunch is done and … oh … there’s still time for a glass of wine

Care to join me? I’ll be sitting in the sun on the verandah with a book.
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