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The edge of the world

As usual, my challenge posts have been irregular but I’m still here.

Here is a picture of the edge of the world taken from one of my favourite forms of transport – a cruise ship.

You can really see why people thought the earth was flat, can’t you?

cruise 2 010.jpg

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From inside the lava tube we could look out at the full moon and watch some of the 300,000 microbats head out for the night. And, if you look carefully, you can see some of the snakes in the trees outside. They’re waiting to catch a bat for dinner.


Posted in response to Ailsa’s Travel Theme.

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Miroir d’eau – Travel Theme: Square

The Miroir d’eau (water mirror) in Bordeaux covers 3,450 square metres.

On a hot day it’s a cooling spot in the city centre for children of all ages. And we certainly appreciated it on our holiday in 2013.


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Sunday Stills: 100+

Australia isn’t full of really old things, or at least not buildings, but we do have a local railway station built in 1900. So, instead of dipping into my archives for a picture from Europe or Asia, I’ve actually managed to take one locally for a change.
This is in Emerald in Central Queensland, Australia, and is a much-photographed local landmark.

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