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Sunday Stills: Flashback

Well, this was interesting. Here is the first photo in my first album. I couldn’t be certain that it was actually the first one I ever took, but it would be close. It was taken, according to the back of the pic, in May 1971.

I assume I got my little 126 Kodak Instamatic for my 10th birthday which was the month before.

This family group includes an old (in every sense) family friend, my great aunt, grandmother and parents at the back and in front are my great uncle, little sister and grandfather.

First photoThe old Queenslander house held, and still holds, so many memories. It belonged to another family friend who holidayed elsewhere each year in April/May and we would take this rambling house full of dark rooms, verandahs, doorways and daddy long legs spiders. There was no television (shock, horror) except for the year Dad and Uncle Dick rented one to watch the FA Cup Final.

I imagine the house is long gone, along with the two, hugely climbable Moreton Bay figs in the front yard, and that it has given way to another concrete high rise development on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

How fortunate they can’t concrete over the memories.

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