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Incremental: Up, up, up!

A few years ago, when we were in London, we visited Harrod’s. Not everything was unaffordable but we were stunned by the prices of the meat.

As you look higher up the board, the cuts become more and more expensive until you reach the Wagyu ribeye at the incredible price of £33.00.


More incredible still, if you look closely at the board you’ll see that this is per 100 grams.

At today’s exchange rate, that’s about $530/kilo in Australian currency.

Ouch! I’ve never wanted a piece of steak that badly.

Even the T-bone works out to about $160/kilo, and that’s a pretty standard cut here in Oz and fairly affordable at about $21/kilo.

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Edible: Iceblocks for adults

I’m not much of a cook but every now and then I get inspired to create something in the kitchen.

The Australian summer is over but it’s still hot enough to enjoy these Pimm’s and fresh fruit iceblocks that I created. But be quick. They won’t last long.


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If you’d like my recipe you can find it here.

Sweet! Before and After

At Easter, Hugh has challenged us to be sweet. Some would say that really is a challenge for me 🙂

Here is a picture of one of the most delicious crème brûlées I think I’ve ever eaten … and the aftermath.

It was a cold and wet day on our first trip to New Zealand and we chose a random place for lunch – mainly because it was warm.

The main meal was nice but the lavender and honey crème brûlée, with the piece of shortbread and Turkish Delight was truly spectacular.

My mouth is watering at the memory.

Don’t worry – despite them still being in the “after” photo I did finish the shortbread and the Turkish Delight.



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