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Dear Fellow Road User

Dear Fellow Road User,

Yes, I know you’re a pedestrian and that I have to give way to you. Could I just suggest that you give me a chance to see you?

When I’m driving on the highway and I see the school bus is stopped picking up kids I do slow down, even if I’m not required to.

But when you step out from in front of the bus and onto the 100kmh road then, no matter how much I’ve slowed down, you scare the shit out of me.

Maybe you could take the time to walk to the back of the bus so that approaching traffic can see you.

Just saying.



Dear Fellow Road User …

Dear Fellow Road User,

It is evident that directional differentiation is not your strongest life skill. Allow me to assist you.

When I approach a roundabout and put my right hand blinker on, that indicates that I’m turning right, not that I’m going straight ahead.

Please keep this in mind next time you drive inattentively onto the roundabout and into my path without regard for my safety. My good reactions saved me from t-boning you.

You will also find that you won’t need to look surprised as no one will have to lean on their horn to get your attention. The look on your face was priceless but wouldn’t have paid for the repairs to our cars, nor any medical expenses, had I hit you.



Dear fellow road user …

Dear fellow road user,
I recognise your right to drive below the speed limit. Most of the time it’s not against the law and sometimes that’s the safer option.
But before you leave home next time you might consider whether or not the vehicle you’re driving has sufficient capacity for the caravan you’re towing.
You might also like to restrict your convoy to … um … one vehicle. 5 caravans/campervans/motorhomes driving nose to tail at 20km/hr under the speed limit are a hazard to navigation.
Today, I saw people towing vans who were able to pass you because their vehicles were adequate and able to do the actual speed limit.
Today, everyone was patient and only passed you safely. As far as I know we all made it home alive. That may not always be the case.
Spread out, pull over and consider that the rest of us are not grey nomads and don’t want to amble up the highway at a snail’s pace.
Just because you’ve never had an accident doesn’t mean you haven’t caused any.
Me (safe at home, thank goodness).