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Psychopathic wishes

What dose a psychopath wish for on her 18th birthday?

If she wished for a normal life then wishes do come true – she’s 30 now, married and has 2 lovely sons.

But she still likes to shock and put on a bit of a show.

kims party (10).jpg

Posted in response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.

The edge of the world

As usual, my challenge posts have been irregular but I’m still here.

Here is a picture of the edge of the world taken from one of my favourite forms of transport – a cruise ship.

You can really see why people thought the earth was flat, can’t you?

cruise 2 010.jpg

Posted in response to Ailsa’s Travel Theme and The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge.



Abstract Impressionism

The autumn leaves became a blur as we whizzed past them on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. Some of my photos became a bit abstract. Just perfect for this week’s Daily Post challenge.


You can read about this great day out and more of our travels at

Flying Goannas.

Weekly photo challenge: Future

I never thought we’d own a house with an ocean view.

We still don’t, but we do have a block of land from which we can see a sliver of ocean and North Keppel Island, so maybe one day in the future we’ll build a house there.

Until then we keep dreaming.


Look into the future with the Daily Post’s challenge.