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Psychopathic wishes

What dose a psychopath wish for on her 18th birthday?

If she wished for a normal life then wishes do come true – she’s 30 now, married and has 2 lovely sons.

But she still likes to shock and put on a bit of a show.

kims party (10).jpg

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In 2005, my Grandmother (known to everyone as Daggan) turned 100. Here’s my own Mum holding her hands on that day.

Daggan passed away just over a year later.


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A rat, by any other name, is still a great birthday present.

Today I bought a rat.

Not an ordinary rat.

A HeroRat.

An organisation called Apopo trains African giant pouched rats to detect either TB or landmines.

I haven’t bought a physical gift for a birthday or Christmas for anyone for many years. Family members have received an Oxfam buffalo, goats, ducks and prosthetic limbs for landmine victims, amongst other charity gifts.

I had been talking to our daughter about what to buy our grandson, Rupert, for his 1st birthday. I’d though about donating towards vaccinations for children in Africa. But she said, “What about a HeroRat?”

Well, I’ve always loved rats so I found them online and signed up.

But what to name Rupert’s rat? I asked friends for suggestions. They had lots of great ideas. The winner was “Bill Badger” who is Rupert Bear’s best friend.

So now we will get to follow the story of one rat from birth through it’s life-saving career. I’m excited.