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The path of death and survival

I blame the smoke for my tears.

It was hot, steamy and fires in the area made it smoky too.

Nothing to do with thinking about the thousands of prisoners of war who died there or those, like my Uncle Dick, who survived and came home but were forever changed.

To walk part of the notorious Thai-Burma railway, including Hellfire Pass, was a truly emotional journey for me.

No matter how uncomfortable I was, it was only a drop in the ocean compared to the suffering this path has seen.


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Travel Theme: Seasonal

We were supposed to go to produce swap this morning – an ideal opportunity for a photo of seasonal produce – but it’s postponed due to lovely, lovely rain.

A good excuse for a rummage through my archives.

Last year I travelled to Georgia in the US in October and November. I had hoped to see the fall foliage at its best. But the weather had other ideas and there was very little sun during my 2 week visit. But I certainly did get a taste of the beautiful colours that are on show.

Here’s a simple, single leaf from that trip.


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The edge of the world

As usual, my challenge posts have been irregular but I’m still here.

Here is a picture of the edge of the world taken from one of my favourite forms of transport – a cruise ship.

You can really see why people thought the earth was flat, can’t you?

cruise 2 010.jpg

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Across the generations

I’ll be honest, I’ve been a bit absent lately, busy with other things – including celebrating Dad’s 90th birthday.

Here he is with his great-grandson when we went out for lunch on the day.


I took this candid photo on my phone: Dad and Rupert close together  as we sat in the open outside the restaurant celebrating this happy event.

How lucky for me that this brings together several challenges this week. I’m trying to catch up.

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