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My (non-Google) street view

Google street view hasn’t made it to our small-town back street. So the only chance you have of seeing it is if I let you.

You’re in luck! I don’t have a photo from my front verandah, but here is an evening on our street at sunset.


posted in response to Nancy’s A Photo a Week Challenge.

For more views from close to home and further afield, check out my travel blog at

Flying Goannas.

Edible: Iceblocks for adults

I’m not much of a cook but every now and then I get inspired to create something in the kitchen.

The Australian summer is over but it’s still hot enough to enjoy these Pimm’s and fresh fruit iceblocks that I created. But be quick. They won’t last long.


Posted in response to A Photo A Week Challenge.

If you’d like my recipe you can find it here.

Eateries photo challenge

Nancy’s challenge this week is to post a picture of a favourite eatery.

In 2013 we were staying with friends in Cornwall and went out for breakfast. My hubby, ever concerned about where his next meal is coming from, was reading the lunch menu on the blackboard.

When he asked what a “beef stiffy” was, it took us a while to work out what he meant. To be fair, it was a bit hard to decipher but it was actually “beef stirfry”.

After we stopped laughing, our friends christened him “Beefy”. And “Beefy” he remains.

So of course we had to stop for one of Beefy’s excellent pies.



I thought Nancy’s challenge – Out in the Country – would be easy for me. That’s where I live and I have lots of pictures. And that’s the problem … which one to choose?

I’ve selected this one taken on a Sunday drive earlier this year. There’s no chance of me taking anything today. The weather has turned miserable and cold. Much colder than we’re used to here in central Queensland. So everyone is staying rugged up inside if they can.