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OWPC: Chicken

Our chooks get let out every day and locked up every night. They’re very friendly and will jump on your lap if you sit still for too long.

And if they ever figure out the pet door I’m sure they’ll come inside too.

They’re working on it.


Don’t be chicken. Join the fun.


Never, never, never give up

Every night this little spider builds its web between a verandah post and a wind chime.

Every day, the web is damaged. Sometimes the wind chime stretches it beyond its limits; sometimes a bird will fly through it.

We thought the spider would find a more stable place to live.


But the verandah light attracts plenty of insects. Some of them don’t make it to the light and the spider eats.

So, every night, it rebuilds.

Don’t you wish you could approach your daily grind with the endless optimism of this spider?