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Upcycling … The shirts off our backs

Do you have a favourite t-shirt you no longer wear but can’t bear to part with? Why not upcycle it?

Have you ever watched one of those Facebook videos and saved it for later, only to forget all about it? Yep, me too.

Or I’ve gone back and looked and thought, “That’s too hard”. Continue reading Upcycling … The shirts off our backs

Dear Fellow Road User

Dear Fellow Road User,

Yes, I know you’re a pedestrian and that I have to give way to you. Could I just suggest that you give me a chance to see you?

When I’m driving on the highway and I see the school bus is stopped picking up kids I do slow down, even if I’m not required to.

But when you step out from in front of the bus and onto the 100kmh road then, no matter how much I’ve slowed down, you scare the shit out of me.

Maybe you could take the time to walk to the back of the bus so that approaching traffic can see you.

Just saying.



Don’t be in such a hurry to die!

Dear Fellow Road User,

I’m more than happy to share the road with you and your push bike … as long as you obey the road rules too.

But when you come flying round the corner on the wrong side of the road and without a helmet, don’t look so surprised when I give you a filthy look. You’re lucky you didn’t get a ride in an ambulance … or a hearse. On most other days I’d have already been all the way over to the left ready to turn the corner and you’d have become my new bonnet emblem.

Don’t be in such a hurry to die.



Where did you get that hat?

"Where did you get that hat? Where did you get that tile?
Isn't it a nobby one, and just the proper style?
I should like to have one Just the same as that!"
Where'er I go, they'd shout "Hello! Where did you get that hat?"

Our grandson loves his apple hat that was crocheted by his Mum.
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