Upcycling … The shirts off our backs

Do you have a favourite t-shirt you no longer wear but can’t bear to part with? Why not upcycle it?

Have you ever watched one of those Facebook videos and saved it for later, only to forget all about it? Yep, me too.

Or I’ve gone back and looked and thought, “That’s too hard”.But this one time … I saw this one showing how to make reusable carry bags from old t-shirts and decided to give it a go. It seemed pretty simple.

Although I discovered that my scissors need sharpening, I did manage to make a couple.

Queensland recently introduced a ban on single-use plastic bags but a lot of the reusable alternatives are still plastic or made of other non-compostable materials. And clothing waste in landfill is a huge problem. Why contribute further to the problem?

My new bags aren’t the prettiest things I’ve ever seen and, as I said, my scissors were a bit blunt so the edges are a bit ragged. But they seem functional.


Do you have a simple tip to help fight the war on waste?

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