Game review: Love Letter


Love Letter is a game of deduction and betrayal. With a little luck and a little strategy you will win the favour of the Princess. Use your advantages to get your letter to her. Use your power to eliminate your rivals.

Each player starts with 1 card. On their turn they draw a 2nd card then choose which one to play, taking the action on that card if they can.

A game for 2 to 4 players, more is better if you like a bit more intrigue and deduction but a 2 player game is perfectly acceptable and fun. In a 3 or 4 player game you burn 1 card. In a 2 player game you burn 4 cards. So there is always the chance that the best card is out of the game. And sometimes the highest scoring card is a weakness.

Simple to learn, fun to play, quick and easy but never the same.

Definitely one for those who like something to carry with them when they travel. We’ve played it on the table at home with 4, and 2 of us have played on the little side table between the seats in the airport.

There’s a number of themed editions available. We have the original Tempest Edition.



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