My quest for the perfect vegan lip balm

I’m on a mission, if not with missionary zeal then at least with some enthusiasm.

Not being vegan myself, I wouldn’t normally bother. But our daughter is vegan and, for some reason, this idea really appeals to me. And so, I set myself this task.

Version 1 wasn’t a roaring success but wasn’t a total failure either. The basic recipe was equal parts coconut oil and cocoa  butter melted together. I split the batch in half and added a few drops of orange oil to one half before pouring into containers. I used little plastic dressing containers which have lids with a good seal. I haven’t yet ventured to tubes. And lucky I didn’t.

This mixture tasted delicious. One half tasted like Coco Pops and the other half like Jaffas. Yum. But, unfortunately, it tends to liquid at room temperature and hard as a rock in the fridge. And, although it does sooth the lips, it doesn’t really stick and needs to be reapplied frequently. Still usable to some extent but not really practical.

Version 2 is coconut oil, shea butter and candelilla wax in the proportions 1:2:2 respectively. It was supposed to be 1:4:4 but I miscalculated with the oil. I don’t think that did it any harm. Not quite as tasty as V1 but has set quite hard at room temperature. Again, I’ve used the little dressing containers as I wasn’t sure how it would set.

This mixture solidified very quickly when taken off the heat. It would probably be very hard to pour into tubes as it’s likely to set on its way through a funnel.

Version 3 will be an adaptation of V2 using a different oil – maybe almond – and possibly in slightly higher concentration.

Stay tuned. Hopefully it won’t be too far away.


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