Where are my millions?

Dear Barclays Online Banking,
Thank you for advising me that my access to a non-existent account has been limited due to multiple login errors. The errors are in the assumption that I have an account with you.
Protecting my privacy is my primary concern. Please understand that this is the reason I will not be divulging any personal information to you.
Should someone have died and left me millions of dollars in an account at your bank, I’m in the phone book. Call me. Anytime. Wake me at 2.00am. For a million dollars that’s OK.
Or you can send me a letter. With your details. To the address in the phone book. I’ll pop over to the UK and present my credential in person. After you send me the price of the ticket and enough money to cover my salary for the time I’ll be away. Should your claim on my time be legitimate, I’ll happily reimburse you for these from my inherited millions. Otherwise, thanks for the free holiday.
I apologise for any interruption to your scamming activities.
Kind regards,
Your customer (the one with the name you couldn’t put in your personal email to me).


2 thoughts on “Where are my millions?”

  1. Yes they do, despite everything that’s in the media. I know a highly intelligent woman who lost $10,000 in a scam. They prey on people’s weaknesses and even smart people get conned when they’re vulnerable.


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