Fill my bucket!

I’ve never wanted a bucket list. There’s just too many things to do and places to go. No one has that much time. But every now and then something occurs to me. Today I thought it would be nice to eat Turkish Delight in Turkey. I’ve drunk Champagne in Champagne, so this seemed like another good option to aspire to. I haven’t drunk Scotch in Scotland, but only because I don’t like Scotch. Guinness in Ireland … Tick. I wonder what else I should add. Suggestions please. Not just great places to see. There’s lots of those. But iconic things to do in particular places.


9 thoughts on “Fill my bucket!”

  1. It wasn’t intended to be food and drink related only, it just seemed to have turned out that way. Mind you, that is sometimes a focus of our holidays. Your ideas are on our list, anyway. Thanks.


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