Sunday stills: Dangerous Things

OK, in the wild they’re not really dangerous. But if you’ve ever known anyone who’s had one as a pet (yes, we did) and you’ve ever had a finger (or any other body part) caught in that beak, you’ll know why we call them “flying bolt cutters”.  Not deadly, but a new level of pain.



7 thoughts on “Sunday stills: Dangerous Things”

    1. They are cute and do make good pets but really they should be in the wild. They live as long as humans so as a pet they are a life long commitment. We inherited ours. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Definitely dangerous pets. To anyone who thinks they’re ‘cute,’ think again! Well…they are adorable. 😀 Just not so much when punching your limbs full of holes, LOL. (If they hit your jugular, they could kill you. – and they are emotionally volatile.) I love the photo!


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